day two: nyigf

All rested up which helped me have a great day at the show today. I found some new things and some good old you-love-’em. Here’s s few stories:

I step into the Chronicle Books booth and am greeted by a man who says “Ann Arbor…..I grew up in Ann Arbor!” He’s looking at my badge and I”m looking at his….which prompted me to say “Richard Emmons….I lived in your grandfather’s house in the late 70’s!” And thus our story began. He was a kid back then….he’s now an adult repping for book publishers. We took each other down memory lane remembering his grandfather’s homemade grape juice, the goodies in the attic, the beautiful garden…what a sweet surprise! Plus I found some new books!


Great to meet you Richard! And nice to see Judy Jackson again. I’m bringing in some new ceramic pieces of hers so get ready to swoon!


Sweet pillows, headbands, hair bands, sweet sweet applique scarves, little inspirational bracelets….from Natural Life, which produces some precious things for precious shoppers!


I always look forward to Jem’s Highway booth…waiting in anticipation to see what new colors and styles she’s created for the new season. I think you’ll be looking forward to the arrival of these purses! Sweet colors, yes?


I brought in the spring Maruca bags early, but had to offer more for you to choose from, so we’ll all be excited when Mr. UPS brings that box of new Maruca goodies in April! Just look at my cutie friend Angela showing off her wares. We had a fun night dining on tapas in Chelsea, meeting new people, catching up on our stories….


Remember how excited I was to bring Amy Peters jewelry to Heavenly Metal? You liked it too…so I ordered more! Necklaces….rings….charms.


Seeing Ian Nicholas and Christine Herron in the Ellie & Friends booth is one of the highlights of the day for me. Chris is the artist behind the beautiful Red Chair Studio silk scarves I carry. Ian makes the wall plaque collages and art magnets. And here they are:


Take a look at these scarves….doesn’t this picture make you just drool?


New pieces from b.u. jewelry! I love seeing them all together…great packaging….great designs.


Now my head is reeling from the day of ordering….and shopping overload! I have lots more to tackle on day three and it’s sure to be as good as days one and two!

Thanks for checking in with me…more to come later.