day 1: ny gift show: saturday 1/30/010

Greetings friends and followers….high-5 me! I got up at 3:45 for my 7am flight this morning. Forget about me….poor little Lucy, she was so so sad watching me pack my bag and so scared that she woke me all night long with her little worries.


But her little sad face did not keep me from the task in hand! She is under the watch of dear friends who will take her for walks and give her lots of love, no doubt.

sooooo..Day One at the New York Gift Show: I got through the first floor of  the handmade section….and found enough new things to bring to Heavenly Metal, I could just go home tomorrow…but oh, no! I still need to look at baggallini and maruca and highway and wasabi and design legacy…and more!

Here’s what I got for you today:

I have wanted to bring these handmade Peruvian cotton scarves and hats forever, but they weren’t available..until now! Trust me: these are really wonderful spring-weight cotton handknits that will knock your socks off! Designed by a sweet couple from Chicago who traveled for many years before forming their little creative design company, Little Journeys in conjunction with a small group of knitters in Peru. I just know you will appreciate these scarves and hats and the little story of their journey to Heavenly Metal!


As I have been, you have also been fans forever of Beth Mueller’s porcelain milkglass vases with her sweet handdrawn images. Well, good news! Beth had a busy winter creating new designs……which she launched at the show….and I ordered!


My first stop this morning was to see my pal Kathryn Arnett, who had new works to share with her fan club! Made from recycled metals and wood, Kathryn’s been busy putting together new works while moving into new digs in Texas.


Oh boy! I found some new jewelry for Heavenly Metal! Handmade by Rebecca McNereny, they are truly sweet silver earrings and charms that you’re gonna latch onto, I’m sure!


New art for your walls! Handmade rustic wood and wonderful! I’ve been looking at this work for a few years, and this is the year to bring it to you!


Plus I found handknit cotton fingerless gloves for when the temp gets above 40 and feels like spring is springing! And sweet little earrings made from vintage floral beads. And alphabet letters handmade from twigs and recycled wire…ooooh I can’t wait to show you!

Well now it’s time for me to put my head on my pillow and get all rested up for Day Two!

Thanks for following Heavenly Metal in New York City!