cutest sweater dress, uh huh. the sweatshirt tunic’s not’ so bad either.

two cool tunics at heavenly metal. so winter cozy. so cute with leggings…….or jeans, it’s your call, y’know. and I’ve got the mother load of leggings: denim, cable-knit, solids. get yourself a pair of boots….the rest is on ann st.

susan in the long ruffled, hooded sweater dress. only in grey. kinda nice, eh?

st front_opt

pat got herself a great new outfit, just in time for this cold almost-winter weather, and perfect for pat!


mystree tunic. witness burnout t. t. bleu leggings, evolutions flats. kinda works, eh?

I just love putting together outfits for my customers! I mix and match from all the goodies in the store and, voila, a great look is created!