chicago day two

I really thought I’d found enough great stuff yesterday. Really……but….I was wrong. So wrong. Seriously girlfriends! Make room in those closets. I’ve got great new clothing, purses, scarves, shoes, ummm…..what else is there for you to gush over….at great prices!?


Melie Bianco bags in aqua blue and mustard yellow. Three styles. Spring. Shown off here by the two Laurens who work for Shilan in her Stylemax booth!


The cutest most adorable spring caps from Pistil. Again, fab prices!


More shoes! Handmade in Italy. Comfy comfy comfy comfy! April 1st arrival. Get ready!


Skirts! To wear with the leggings and the boots and the shoes and the tops you’ve been buying and loving! Really really K-ctue!


Oh yeah! Low-rider western boot in light brown suede. Wowzer, you’re gonna say. Will this work with the skirts and leggings and dresses you’ve been loving at Heavenly Metal? Oh Yeah!


More spring hats! Great prices…..and get a load of this: MADRAS prints!


And plaids.

That’s it. I’m pooped. Back to work on Wednesday. Ready to sign for Mr. UPS’s deliveries. Are you?!