catching up from new york gift!

I’m back in Ann Arbor and back on the job…. catching up with work and catching you up on days four and five at the show and in the city.


Owls are in! I found the cutest little shoulder bag with matching coin purse and key holder for spring delivery. I got quite a hoot out of these….and you will too!


What’s the NYIGF show without finding new finds from Jill Pearson’s Wasabi jewelry line? Doesn’t Jill look fabulous in her new long hairdo? I luv’s it!


These friends from the Parkhill Collection peddle the coolest vintage repro’s. What’s in store for your home and cottage? Sweet round mirrors with birdies perched on ’em, antique unframed cow paintings, birdhouses, way cool twig and wire baskets….and more, oh yeah!


Meet the hipster and funnyman Mark Edge, jeweler supreme. I ordered a little sumpthin’ for myself…if you have to have it, well then we’ll consider it done.


Karen and I poked around Soho Wednesday afternoon. There was no stopping her from buying that hat. Is it too too fabulous?!


Check out these cuties from a way cool antique store in Soho Karen and I stumbled upon. We had to photograph each other for each other’s blogs…..modern times.


My second-to-last picture from NYC….this season’s NYIGF marketing campaign was polka-dotty coloful and cool.


And look who flew back to Detroit with me! It’s Steve and April, owners of metro-Detroit stores Catching Fireflies, catching up from their show in the handmade section of NYIGF! What a perfect way to end my trip, getting to hang out with two truly nice peeps.

Well that’s it, folks! Next NYIGF: August…and I can’t wait! But before I sign off,  I have to tell you: it took Lucy over two hours to settle down, she was so so so happy for my return! Her grin was just precious…and I was too busy luvin’ her up to get a picture….but you probably get the picture anyway! Now she and I are all caught up…and so are you! Come on in to catch up in person!