candi factory undies are here!

we’ve had ants in our pants for months waiting for the world’s cutest underwear to arrive from the candi factory!

why, do you ask?

because . . . these aren’t just normal underwear . . . they are adorable designs, handmade in Toronto with the most comfortable fabrics designed to stay put.

that’s right ladies, these are wedgie-proof!

we know you are going to love the bird motif! we have them in brown, black, and green.

Candi Factory Womens Bird Underpants

isn’t this little flower accent so precious? these come in pink, green, or purple.

Candi Factory Womens Flower Underpants

add some pizazz to your underwear collection with frills! black, pink, or red.

Candi Factory Womens Frills Underwear

wallpaper inspired undies in gray or black.

Candi Factory Womens Wallpaper Underpants

cherry blossoms in gray or orange-y red!

Candi Factory Womens Cherry Blossom Underpants

oh, we could not overlook the man briefs!

Candi Factory Man Briefs

tthe cutest gifts, you got to admit!

only only only available this side of the Ambassador Bridge at Heavenly Metal!