baggallini busts through the doors of heavenly metal!

It was a big delivery today. Baggallini after Baggallini, coming out of the box in new colors, new styles, and new shapes. We documented them. Every wonderful one of them.

New limited-edition colors for a few of their good ole’ stand-bys: hot fuchsia and popping aqua. Gorgeous. And, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Brand new in Baggallini’s new quilted line: the Geneva bag. Great for travel…or not. Lots of bells and whistles in this little over the shoulder treat.

The Odyssey bag. A functional, practical, and good-looking purse with an added adjustable strap and jam-packed with all of Baggallini’s wonderful features.

The return of the Teenee bag, in springy spring patterns and a few solids. Always a winner for over-seas travel.

That’s today’s haul.

Tomorrow: Lollipop Pottery! Jessica and Tyson delivered it at the end of the day today — story tomorrow!