atlanta apparel mart: over and done with!

I’m glad I went, yes I am. I don’t know about doing two shows back to back ever again, but I don’t need to think about that for a few months.

I tried and tried to post pictures and tales from Atlanta, but I kept having technical difficulties — and then I got just too tired. So, here it is, though I am writing this back in Ann Arbor today.

Terrible picture but adorable sweater for spring from California designer, Whish. This one is going to be a big hit. With an adorable tunic to wear underneath….ooh I just can’t wait!

Adorable burn-out cotton T’s with adorable owl and birdy graphics. I ordered these in jr and missy sizes so they’ll be a fun fit no matter what size you wear.

Soft American-made linen tunic top with crop wide-leg pants. Soft, really. A winning outfit for spring, truly.

J.P. & Mattie’s handmade leather wallets are so feckin’ adorable. These will be another winner for spring!

Hi Hannah! We had a good old time picking out cami’s, lace t shirts, and leggings for new layering this spring and summer.

It’s Gypsy Junkies! New gems, charms, and necklaces, which are already big hits at Heavenly Metal!

Awesome new bracelets from Geranium. Leather wraps with gemstones are bigbigbig this spring. Get the picture?

The cutest greenest wowest felted wool coat, designed in France, coming our way in for fall. And comfy too.

Love these boots! Don’t wait too long when they arrive, ‘cuz they won’t be lasting long, that’s for sure. March delivery.

Love love love this missoni look-alike strapless top for spring/summer. You’ll love it too.

OK, not much to show you, but much more for you to see in a few months, guar-A-teed!