as seen in O the oprah magazine: greentree candles buddha head candles

Artists have a love/hate relationship to being featured in the Queen of Media’s magazine: O The Oprah Magazine. It’s a thrill and an honor to be recognized, especially on such a large scale. But, they then need to keep their fingers busier than usual making the art to fill all the orders they receive — leaving no time to laugh all the way to the bank!

As you can see, Jenifer Green of Greentree Home Candles just hit the jackpot in the January issue. Her owl candles were the Big Seller here for holiday gifts — but, then again, the buddha heads, buddha busts, and pine cone sets candles didn’t last through the holiday season either!

I begged Jenifer to please get to work and get some candles shipped to me. She came through: yesterday I received two boxes of the large buddha heads, in a palette of colors.

Available in the store and online at $40 each. Owl and pine cone candles will be back soon.