Art Fair at Heavenly Metal

I love a good yard sale — don’t you? I also love Art Fair for the energy, creativity, and crowds of interesting fair-goers who swarm into our town.

I do up the Art Fair with a sidewalk sale of bargains from the store, and collectibles from my basement. Vintage hats mixed with sale books and jewelry, discounted clothing mixed with antique display pieces, hand-crafted art pieces mixed with old inventory — good stuff to pick through!

I also have some goods on sale inside — just for Art Fair. Wasabi jewelry is 20% off this week, as is all ceramics throughout the store (Judy Jackson, Beth Mueller, Ed Brownlee). Bee Design jewelry is 15% off, Baggallini Ugly Baggs are 25% off. The adorable Purdy Bird T’s from Spiders & Caviar are 10% off. All Nuvula T’s are 20% off. Maruca Design bags are 25% off. More good stuff and more great bargains!

Art Fair hours: 9:30am – 6:30 pm daily. Please come visit us! It’s very quiet in our neighborhood — there’s always a parking space right out front and we enjoy the company.

Here’s two fun shoppers who happened to show up at the same time wearing nearly the same outfit!