ann arbor artwalk 2013 includes heavenly metal!

we are very pleased to be featuring two local jewelry artists during this year’s artwalk. their work is completely unlike each others, which makes for a fun combination of local creativity!

we hope you will join us to check out these two very talented local artists during your tromping around artwalk 2013 this friday night. we’ll be open 5-9.

     arienne zimmerman
works with cast resin and her own painted artwork, dried flowers, roots, paper, and words that are inset in the cleverly built earrings and necklaces she creates. every time she comes in to replenish her stock in heavenly metal (I carry her work regularly), she has come up with some new clever technique. this is a great opportunity to see alot of her work in her first heavenly metal trunk show.


     christine schopieray
creates her own hand-carved charms that she uses to embellish the sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings she has been selling in ann arbor for a zillion years. christine is a familiar face at the ann arbor farmer’s market where she sets up saturdays during season to sell her work. she also participates in holiday gift shows at several locations around town in november and december every year. it’s been a few years since her work was a part of the heavenly metal story, so I’m very excited to have her back in the store for her artwalk 2013 trunk show.

here’s christine’s familiar face!


and one of her hand-carved silver charm necklaces.

Bellflower necklace-silver w/ leather cord

sterling silver hand carved floral hoop earrings.

Floral hoop earrings-silver

hand carved georgia poppy earrings.

"Georgia" poppy earrings-silver w/ copper rivet

please stop by friday night and check out these two talented artsits!