A New Way to Talk to the World

Last night’s launching of the new Heavenly Metal website was a thrill. Julie (my webslave) and I were geeked beyond recognition (drug free, no less). We high-fived and hugged a few too many times. 😉 Here she is, seconds from the launch:

Today was equally as fun: two more jewelry lines were delivered by Mr. UPS, needing to be checked in, tagged and priced, and put on display. Hey, no problemo: I’m done working on the new website!

Ready shopper fans? Here’s the goods: more Dream Mullick fabulous faceted silver and gemstone earrings that sold out as quickly as they appeared last month. More handcrafted Sharelli silver earrings and necklaces, made by those girls up in Montreal — back by demand. And of course, the Wasabi delivery: the sweetest delicate 1/2″ peace sign earrings and necklaces, brand new coral and turquoise gemstone earrings and necklaces, and much much more, many stone colors — all too delicate for me to do justice with a photograph. So hop on your bike and ride on over to Heavenly Metal right now before they disappear — or contact me if a bike ride isn’t possible, so I can describe them to you over the phone or by email if you have just got to have them.

Hey, I’m not done yet: the best part of the day was when Martha Bishop showed up with brand new and amazingly wonderful and even better-than-ever handmade greeting cards made from books she scored for free at an amazing recycling event held in her hometown of Williamston, Michigan. I bought nearly 200 of her one-of-a-kind cards because their preciousness is, well, too precious for words. Come see them. Come read them. Martha is a genius. And right now all she wants to do is make cards (they are wonderful). Since she’s currently low on sweaters, she is not in blanket, pillow and potholder production, but she has promised to get back to work on them when she has the materials. But right now, Martha admits all she wants to do is make cards. I can’t blame her. She’s got a good thing goin’ on.

Here’s Martha showing off her new cards: