8.17.13 ny gift show day 1

today is the day we visit the handmade section of the new york gift show, now called new york now.

it’s fun. I get to see old friends . . . and I get to see new art created by my old friends!

it was also very cool to introduce jackie to the artists she’s been working with at the store.

so….here’s pictures of some of the wonderful things we’ve ordered for you:


we’re expanding on our showing of eric silva . . . lots of rings, necklaces, and earrings in all shapes and sizes, with eric’s signature fabulous designs selected especially for eric’s ann arbor fans.


noelle is proud of her line of ceramics, zpots pottery, and we’re happy to be able to keep bringing them to ann arbor!


the sweetest leather bangle bracelets with messages are coming from metal monk jewelry . . . and boy are we excited to have found this new gift idea for holiday shoppers!


here’s lisa neimith showing off her gorgeous line of one-of-a-kind ceramic work. we’re adding to the story already being offered to you.


we’re geeked about these feminine leather and bead leather wraps in chunky and small designs . . . new to the store and great for holiday shopping.


joli jewelry is handcrafted pieces made from vintage beads and findings. we’re bringing in a whole new story for you to ogle over!

I’m utterly exhausted, as is jackie. I’m posting this late at night, after day 2 of the show. we’ll get thet past up as soon as we can keep our eyes open!