new york finds fall 2016

success in new york city!

we know you are curious.

even excited.

indeed, we found extra-special products

at the ny now gift show.

here’s a teeny teaser!


the coziest and warm unisex socks and gloves

designed and manufactured by percent designs,

two adorable men from japan. this was their very first ny now show! we’ll be getting them in november, just in time for chilly weather and holiday shopping.


the sweetest couple have brought back to life their family’s 40-year old business, village commoncreating handmade apothecary goods.

their candles are ab-fab wonderful.

we found exactly what we were looking for!


lovely reed diffusers, made in denver by peacock perfumerie.

truly lovely holiday gifts, arriving in november.


keeping up with my tradition of finding new ceramic artists, I had to stop in my tracks when I came across jessica wertz ceramics, from petaluma, california.

gorgeous and functional.


we think this pretty delicate jewelry will be a huge hit. designed by thailand-born, LA-based artist tai. we’ll have her work here in september.


morse code adjustable string braceletsspell out sweet inspiration.made in chicago by dana of adorn512 and ready for you to adorn in september.

f3a8a563-6ffd-458a-9a22-6b47faf87f55-1we are expanding our best-selling jewelry story! we’ve added the diamond collection to our original hardware line.


another new discovery rocked our world! kui boutique is three nyc-based japanese designers who use japanese seed beads and semi-precious stones to create these lovely delicate earrings.


we love when the artists we carry add new products. these leather keychains from baggu are sure to be big stocking stuffers this season.


so will these these leather headphone keepers from brooklyn-based 8.6.4 design.


yellow owl workshop rubber stamp kits are way fun gifts for your creative self, or for your friends.


these purses were a very special find. designed and sewn by parisian artist anna kaszerthey feature clever storage and precious fabrics. don’t get too eager, they won’t arrive ’til february.


california-based akiko oguchi of good company wares is making what might be my favorite find at the show. natural cotton canvas planters with SW-inspired woven sleeves, arriving in october.

you can count on us keeping you informed as our ny now orders arrive . . . between now and november.

oh boy.