summer treats are comin’ in.

here’s a few things karen & I found at this week’s apparel show: glittens! soft and a-dor-a-bull. lace long-sleeve tops. gauze/lace dress that is yumyumyum. even yummier: cotton boucle coats! way far-out cotton knit military jacket. cropped cotton jacket studded with snaps..cute cute. another very cool coat and comfy too. scrunchy boot…oh boy! delivery dates: july and august….and then there’s…

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queen bee bags buzzed back to heavenly metal.

hot diggety dog! queen bee truckette purses are back!

yippee-ai cayo!

zigi ny cowboy booties are now available in fuchsia and wine! saddle up your pony and gallop on over! hiyo silver, man!