new! box signs. judy jackson stoneware. highway bags.

so many new box signs that are wonderful and make wonderful gifts! the low-down: and: and then: plus: don’t forget: and there’s more: ok…you get the idea. judy jackson stoneware from new york, new work! and more, yes, more highway bags because I just can’t keep them in the store! tempted? I just know you are!

flea market style magazine, premiere issue: summer 2010

New editors, new art production, new beautiful magazine brought to you by the creators of! Great ideas on what to do with junk, garage sale finds, and collectibles, with beautifully presented how-to’s and more. This issue is sure to become a collectors item. $10

maggie makes these new clothes look great!

so much new clothing . . . . and more! but here’s a peek at what maggie’s modeling. maggie looks awesome in this young essence 3/4 sleeve lace top (available in peach, teal, or taupe) — that works great with the zashi mermaid skirt many of you now own (available in black, teal, raspberry, or coral) — which look fab…

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