where have all the flowers gone?

gone to heavenly metal, that’s where! su-weeet pistil spring cotton caps metal monk’s vintage bead earrings handmade felted wool purses from nepal kathryn arnett’s recycled metal garden art maruca design purses handmade in boulder colorado fair trade handmade felted wool headbands little journey’s handmade cotton pins ozone’s cotton socks espe wallets espe’s funky backpack goody goody jewelry rolls the copper…

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looks like spring at heavenly metal!

polka dot socks and footies. kathryn arnett lamps and candle sticks made from recycled metal. such wonderful artwork: ceramic lamps from zpots. and comfy cute sandals from groundhog, handmade in portugal. visit us and see what’s arriving daily, ok?

city of ann arbor’s new sign ordinance

Notice to small business owners in downtown Ann Arbor: the city has a new sign ordinance, Chapter 61, that regulates signs and sandwich boards, because the bureaucrats who run our fair city have nothing better to do with their time than to make life even more of a struggle for already struggling small businesses. I have just been issued a…

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how cute is this?

this sweet little baby girl is holding on to her easter basket/purse….mommy and daddy just bought it for her for easter baskets years to come…..one of the fair trade felted wool bags from nepal….at heavenly metal, of course!