more stylemax:more chicago fun

another great day at the show . . . here’s a few treasures to share with you: a fedora! yes indeed, girls! sign up for this cool find! summer sweet linen two-piece dress & duster from steel pony….su-weet (shown by my new bff)! way cool dresses from theme that are going to knock you out — and make you look…

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stylemax in chicago, first day of spring

cyntha and I drove to chicago friday afternoon, her car full of boxes of al dente pasta for monique . . . . . . . . we were feeling pretty fuzzy by the time we arrived, as you can see by the picture! had a fabulous evening that started out at the purple pig on michigan avenue where we…

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springy newness at heavenly metal!

look at lucy hanging out in heavenly metal’s outdoor room! we’ve been enjoying the lovely weather….and greeting our shoppers with the front door open. tomorrow a rack of sale items will be outside as well…do drop in for a visit, soon!

spring’s sprung!

more spring maruca bags!

springy felted wool

look at this fun stuff that just came in! fair trade felted wool purses and headbands from nepal…just in time to get in the spring mood!

pink boots=happy happy

check out this lucky girl! jennifer danced out of heavenly metal wearing her fuchsia cowboy boots!

new shoes! sandals! boots!

I scored today at a little shoe show I attended. Lookee here what I found for y’all! ooooh baby…a sexy flat sandal with baubles, bangles, & beads! actually white pearls, beads, & shells….this’ll look great with your spring/summer-tanned legs. the cowboy bootie y’all are lovin’…..they’re all over new york city and beyond, and I’ve got more .comin’ yer way in…

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