the merchandise displays in my store change nearly every day

As new goods arrive, most everything finds a new home. A designer’s dream-come-true: I get to redecorate all the time! Here’s pictures of some treasured merchandising from then . . . to now. Welcome to my world.

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  • 208 n. 4th avenue
  • in between the teahaus and motte & bailey booksellers


  • hours

  • monday — friday 10 – 6
  • saturday 10 – 5
  • sunday 12 – 5 
  • online store 24/7


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welcome to

ann arbor's unique boutique

What is Heavenly Metal?

Heavenly Metal is a curated collection of handcrafted jewelry, gift and art goods, purses, women’s clothing, and footwear from around and beyond the USA . . . ever-changing with the seasons and our whims . . . in one lovely space.

Our wish for you: embrace the notion “you are as beautiful as you feel.”

Wear it. Live it.

We are located in downtown Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown district. Walking through our front door is like a breath of fresh air as you take in the cozy feel, vibrant colors, vintage and repurposed display pieces, and of course all of our wonderful merchandise!

Come relax in our artful shop. Or shop with us online! Nearly all of what is found in store is available in our online shop. Our packages are always wrapped to bring a smile when opened.

Who is Heavenly Metal?

Besides me, owner Vicki Honeyman, we have two shop dogs: Lucy is my 18-yr old, 5 pound papillon. Willi is my 15-yr old 6 pound toy poodle. Come in for all the love you can want from Willi; Lucy is a cranky old girl now and prefers to be left alone.

Nate Bennett and Silva Dykstra make up my Heavenly Metal family. Nate is the store branding as well as managing social media, marketing and the online store. Nate would love feedback on our daily instagram, facebook, and twitter posts. If you’d like to reach out to him, email him here . He can also answer inventory, product, returns, or other questions. Saleswoman supreme Nancy Szabo is on sabbatical. Second saleswoman supreme Louisa Jenista appears occasionally to help out too!

Vicki’s Wash & Wear Haircuts

One of the things that makes Heavenly Metal so special is how it’s connected with Vicki’s Wash & Wear Haircuts, my other business located inside the same space. I’m rumored to be a jack-of-all-trades kind of woman: I cut hair along with being the owner, buyer, and merchandiser for the gallery/gift shop. Scratching your head? It makes perfect sense. Before and after your haircut, you get to hang out in a really cool store. Wow! Get some great earrings! Or scarf! Or outfit! It’s perfect with that new haircut!

About my haircuts: I do not provide chemical services nor do I wash hair; instead, what you get is a dry-cut commonsense haircut that will grow out well and is designed around your particular head of hair. I charge $45 for all cuts. Call or email me for an appointment.

As of July 1st, I will be cutting hair in my new location: at home! I’ve converted my sweet little garden shed into my haircutting shop that is nestled against a goldfish pond and lovely garden. Email me or phone me (734-663-4247) if you’d like to enjoy a peaceful wash & wear haircut on the Old West Side!

Store Closing

I will be closing Heavenly Metal on June 30. It’s time for me to move on to my next adventure. Thank you for your years of support and appreciation.